La Fontanina

Wine made from grapes grown in accordance with principles of organic farming

Harvesting imparts an organic perspective

On the passage of time

I smile when I realize

My hard work has paid off

Celebration of the harvest

We share and enjoy the fruits of our labor

Catching some rays

exploring and tasting the fruits

Wine is part of our heritage, traditions

Amarone has in it a touch of magic


Winemaking is the production of wine, starting with selection of the grapes

Manual harvesting

Manual harvesting has the advantage of using knowledgeable labor, this is the first line of defense to prevent inferior quality fruit from contaminating a lot or tank of wine


Harvest is the picking of the grapes, the first step in wine production

Harvested by hand

Our grapes are harvested by hand


A person who makes wine is traditionally called a winemaker



“La Fontanina“ estate is located in the heart of Valpantena where olive trees, cherry trees and vineyards are part of the landscape. The farm is situated in the Valpolicella doc wine producing area.

Daniele Salvagno, current owner of the Azienda Agricola “La Fontanina”, has given a new lease of life to the estate’s traditional farming activities, renewing and expanding the cultivation and directing it towards organic farming methods.

A choice that aims to protect the peculiarities of the different terroirs (soil, altitude, exposure) to produce organic wines rich in personality. Now, we have an organic farm of 10 hectares with vines and olive trees.


Our Products

Valpolicella DOC - Organic Wine

La Fontanina Valpolicella


Grapes are hand harvested including multiple steps at the end of September, only the best ones are intended for crushing. Part of the grapes harvested are immediately pressed while some carefully placed in wooden boxes go through a process of 15-20 days light drying period.


The wine fines for an aging period of 10-12 months in tanks it then urdergoes for 5-6 months in bottle before release.


Bright ruby red in color. Vibrant and strong, this wine displays notes of red fruits, red fruits jam and vanilla. The palate is dry, well structured and harmonious. Velvet like. Its balanced structure and tannins make it harmonic, to enjoy throughout a meal and easy to pair with a wide range of food.


Alcohol 14%


Pasta dishes with game sauces, mushrooms, grilled meat, medium aged cheeses.


Excellent at 15-18°C. Available Formats 750 ml

Amarone della Valpolicella DOCG - Organic Wine

La Fontanina Amarone


During the vintage we choose the ripest grapes and the ones good for drying After 5-6 months they rest in small woodencrate, grapes are crushed. WINEMAKING 30-35 days maceration on the skins


ermentation takes place in steel tanks at controlled temperatures for a period which takes from 25 and 35 days. Then the wine is put in wooden barrels where it ages for a long period, from 3 to 4 years. During this period, different tasting of each barrique take place, in order to understand the wine life and only after careful consideration, it is decided the blend which will determine the final wine.


At first sight right ruby red color with purple reflections, that becomes garnet with aging. A remarkable combination of perfume and taste. The high alcohol content is accompanied by particularly marked bouquet of plums, blackberries and cherry syrup, with spicy nuances, reflecting the concentrated sugars resulting from the process of drying the grapes. The effect on the palate of the high alcohol level is mitigated by the strongly fruity taste, dry but very mellow, with clearly defined acidity and well-balanced tannins.


Alcohol 17,5%


Good with red meats, games, aged cheese.


Best to drink it after two years it is in the bottle. Preserve the bottle in horizontal position, in dark places at 15°. Open the bottle a few hours before you drink and serve it at 18°C. Bottle size 750 ml

Valpolicella Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil DOP

La Fontanina Olio Extravergine

We are an integrated low-input certified organic farm. Valpolicella Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil ”LA FONTANINA” is a real guarantee, excluding fraud and counterfeiting of the product quality.
National DOP olive oil will in fact be produced from olives grown and processed in a given area. Valpolicella Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil ”LA FONTANINA” is produced only in the province of Verona, in the area between the municipalities of Grezzana and Mezzane di Sotto, with olives of at least 50% Grignano or Favarol quality, which are directly picked up from the plant by hand or with rakes on meshes or covers.
Acidity is lower than 0.5. The colour is yellow, with pale green highlights in fresh product.
The nose is complex and elegant, with flowery, apple and herbal hints.
The palate is strong and harmonious, slightly bitter and spicy with hints of almond. Excellent on meat | fish carpaccio, boiled vegetables, grilled meat and fish.